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Acumen Hydra-Alert Dehydration Watch
Acumen Hydra-Alert Dehydration Watch
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Use the Acumen Hydra-Alert Dehydration Watch to determine the amount of water you need to maintain optimal mental and physical performance. Physical exertion and temperature increases accelerate water loss through increased sweat production.  Thirst is not a reliable indicator of water loss (often lagging by hours) and dehydration is usually not recognized until fluid loss reaches 2% when symptoms of heat-related illness or injury appear.  Unfortunately, a water deficit of only 1% decreases alertness, attitude, coordination and stamina. Immediate replacement of the water loss prevents dehydration and preserves emotional, mental and physical function during work and leisure activities. 

The Hydra-Alert Dehydration Watch has sensors that measure temperature and relative humidity.  Fluid Check™ technology combines your personal data and activity with these measurements to calculate your water loss and calories burned as well as the Heat Index.  Additionally, as the risk of dehydration and heat-induced illness or injury increase, the Hydra-Alert alternates Heat Index and Heat Warning Levels.  You can use this information to replace your water loss and adjust your activity levels so you remain safe and healthy.

The Acumen Hydra-Alert Dehydration Watch features:

  • Continuous Temperature and Relative Humidity measurements

  • Programmable settings for

  • Age, weight and gender

  • Exercise and activity type

  • Exercise and activity intensity

  • Fluid Check™ calculations of fluid loss prevent dehydration

  • Heat Index and Heat Warnings safeguard against heat-related injury and illness

  • Easily navigated data screens in US or metric units for
      Date and Time
      Temperature and Humidity
      Heat Index and Heat Warning Levels
      Fluid Loss
      Calorie Counts
      Elapsed Time

  • Data easily recorded and reviewed

  • Independent stopwatch with stop/restart option

  • Daily Alarm function

  • BackLite ensures readability in all light conditions

  • SmartLite conserves battery life

  • Scratch-resistant lens enhances the LCD display

  • Shock-resistant design stops impact damage during activity

  • Water-resistant construction for year round use

  • Li CR2032 battery is easily replaced

  • One year manufacturer's warranty against defects in materials or workmanship

 The Hydra-Alert Watch will help you prevent dehydration and maintain your peak performance.
Acumen Hydra-Alert Dehydration Watch
Acumen Hydra-Alert Dehydration Watch

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