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About Us

Our Company 

HeartRateWatchesPlus.com carries a broad selection of heart rate monitors, calorie counters, dehydration monitors, pedometers and more, at competitive prices. We are quickly becoming the premier online heart rate monitor source. Our goal is to ensure the satisfaction of our online customers by providing the best products and shopping experience possible.
We at HeartRateWatchesPlus.com are proud to bring you innovative, affordable, high quality equipment designed to help you safely pursue a more active and healthy lifestyle. We have been in the medical and exercise physiology professions for more than fifty years. We have worked with amateur and professional athletes, children and adults, disabled, injured and ill patients and rehabilitation and occupational clients. We have helped men and women of all ages and abilities achieve and maintain higher levels of physical performance and well-being. This broad scope of experience informs and guides us in evaluating the newest equipment and most accurate technologies to safely monitor your activities and effectively increase your training efforts.
Our principal partner is Acumen Incorporated, a vertically integrated electronic manufacturing company that is ISO (International Standards Organization) certified to design and manufacture consumer electronics and medical devices. Since 1987, they have been the largest supplier of fitness monitoring equipment in the world. Their customers include Nordic Track, Omron, Precor and Fitness Master. In 1995, Acumen began manufacturing heart rate monitors and launched their own line of top quality monitoring products. They continue to be in the vanguard of innovation with regular upgrades and new products for the active consumer.

We are also pleased to partner with Backatcha Apparel, LLC, the designer, manufacturer and distributor of the exciting line of illumiNITE reflective clothing and accessories.  These exclusive products feature a patented technology that applies retroreflectivity directly to a wide range of high performance fabrics.  These fabrics are then fashioned into stylish garments which provide ultra high visibility from dusk to dawn during cycling, running and walking.  We are proud to offer the entire line of illumiNITE apparel for all athletes who keep moving after the sun goes down.

Our Products and Services
Achieving excellence in the retail market starts with providing the best products available. We understand that all of our customers have unique and specific needs that can only be met with a comprehensive catalog of heart rate monitor options. With your specific needs in mind, HeartRateWatchesPlus.com carries a wide variety of products at every price point and style in the industry, including heart rate monitor watches, calorie counters, dehydration monitors, pedometers and more.
At HeartRateWatchesPlus.com, we place you first. Have a question or comment? Please visit our Contact Us page. We look forward to helping you with all your heart rate monitor needs!