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What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards including Visa & Mastercard.

Will PayPal process my payment if I do not have an account with them? 

Yes.  PayPal will process your credit card payment even if you do not have a PayPal account.  They use secure servers and multiple layers of encryption to prevent identity theft and fraud.  PayPal does not share any of your financial information with HeartRateWatchesPlus.com.


How do I program my Acumen product?

All products have an instruction manual included in the packaging. 

What kind of battery do I need? 

The Jog Pal series use LR1x 2 batteries
All Hydra Track pedometers use alkaline CR2032 batteries.
All Ergo and Hydra Alert watches use Lithium CR2032 batteries. This information is also printed on the back of the watches. These batteries should be replaced by a qualified watch repairperson to maintain the water resistance. Failure to have the batteries replaced by such a professional will void the warranty.

How long should the battery last? 

Type LR1x 2 batteries last about 1.5 years under normal usage.
Lithium CR2032 batteries last about 1.5 years under normal usage (1hour/day, 7 days/week) if backlighting use is not excessive.

I had the battery replaced but the watch still does not work.  What should I do?

Make sure the + sign on the Lithium 2032 battery is facing you and the back watch cover says Acumen. If these are correct, perform a global reset by pressing all the buttons at once until the screen goes blank. You will then need to reprogram your personal data.

My watch is frozen. How do I fix this? 

Perform a global reset, by pressing all the buttons at once until the screen goes blank. You will then need to reprogram your personal data.

Why I am not getting a heart rate reading? 

  1. Check the battery in your chest belt to make sure it does not need replacement.
  2. You must have good contact between the chest belt and your skin. Moisten the belt slightly and replace the belt. Synchronize the watch again. If you have a heart rate reading, the normal perspiration of exercise should be enough to maintain the contact.
  3. If you still have no reading, adjust the chest belt so the electrodes are over a smoother area of skin. Scarring or inadequate contact over a bony area will prevent accurate readings.
  4. If you still have difficulties, please contact us.

Can I swim with my watch? 

Yes. All Acumen watches are water resistant to 90 feet. They are perfect for swimmers and triathletes. Remember, do not press any buttons while you are under water or you will break the water resistant seals and damage your watch. These watches are not intended for scuba diving. 

How do I care for my Acumen watch? 

After use, wipe with a clean dry cloth to remove water, perspiration and oil. Gently hand wash and air-dry your chest belt. To prevent damage to the antenna embedded in the fabric, do not fold or bend the chest belt backwards. 

What is the warranty on my watch? 

All Acumen products come with a one-year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship from the date of purchase (exclusive of batteries or chest belt). If you have a defective unit, please contact us directly so we can arrange a rapid replacement for you. 

How do I get service on my watch? 

Please Contact Us to discuss the problems you are experiencing with your watch. We will be happy to assist you in resolving them. 

My watch was damaged during shipment? What should I do? 

Please contact the package carrier (UPS) and file a claim using the package tracking number.

How long does the reflectivity last on my illumiNITE clothing?
All illumiNITE garments are guaranteed for 50 washes.  There is some normal shedding that occurs with the first several washes, similar to washing a new towel, but this will not diminish the reflectivity.