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Pedometer Watches
Pedometer Watches

Pedometer Watches

Pedometer Watches

Browse our selection of Step Counters and Pedometer Watches for all your fitness needs.

Pedometers calculate distance covered while walking or running.  Piezoelectric sensor technology ensures a level of accuracy not available in spring or pendulum-driven models. Clinical research has confirmed this accuracy applies to all walkers and runners regardless of age, body size or ability.  Our premium quality piezoelectric Acumen pedometer watches provide comfortable waist-mounted accuracy and convenience during all your fitness and leisure activities.

Pedometer Watches

All Acumen step counters use your own stride length to calculate the distance you cover.  The Acumen pedometer watches JogPal Series includes two models that go a step further and count the number of calories used during your activites or exercise. The JogPal Plus step counters use your personally programmed weight for more accurate exercise calorie counts.  Additionally, the JogPal Safety pedometers calculates your speed to keep you on pace during your workout and has six bright LED lights so you can “see and be seen” in low light conditions.

Step Counters

The Acumen Hydra Track Series of step counters calculate distance and measure elapsed time. They also add measurements of ambient temperature and relative humidity as well as provide fluid loss alerts to prevent dehydration during your workouts. This safeguard is helpful for both children and adults during all fitness and leisure activities.

All pedometer watches let you count every step with confidence:

  • Distance calcuations using your personal stride length.
  • An integrated watch and stop watch.
  • Ergonomic designs with easy-to-read screens.
  • JogPal Pedometers have a strong spring style clip for easy attachment to your belt or waistband.
  • HydraTrack Pedometers have a quick slip-on design to facilitate fluid replacement.

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As you browse our line of products, please keep in mind that each of our items comes with a satisfaction guarantee.  We want to make sure you receive only the finest quality products and are satisfied with your order.  Please be sure to contact us if you do not find what you are looking for or if you would like us to suggest an item for you.

You can be confident as you shop with us.  We work with reliable suppliers who understand our dedication to customer service and excellence in the pedometers that you purchase. We use PayPal to process all financial transactions.  PayPal uses secure servers and multiple layers of encryption to prevent identity theft and fraud. You do not need to have an account with PayPal to make a safe and secure credit card purchase.

We appreciate your business and hope you will make HeartRateWatchesPlus.com your online pedometer watches source.