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Personal Dehydration Monitors
Personal Dehydration Monitors

Personal Dehydration Monitors

Dehydration Monitors

Personal Dehydration Monitors Keep You at the Top of Your Game

Whether you are working out or working hard, using a personal dehydration monitor is a great way to stay competitive, productive and focused.  Heat and physical activity both increase how much you sweat.  Sweat is more than 95% water. You must replace water loss as it occurs if you want to prevent dehydration and any decreases in your physical, mental and emotional performance.  Being thirsty is a delayed, not an immediate, response to water loss and means you are already dehydrated. Personal dehydration monitors use your body measurements, your physical activity and the environmental conditions to determine how much water you must replace to prevent dehydration. 

The harder you work, the longer you exercise, the more you sweat and the hotter the temperature, the more rapidly you become dehydrated and the more your performance deteriorates. Personal dehydration monitors help you function at an optimal level.  In the sports and fitness arena, they help you stay competitive and keep your activities enjoyable.  They are often used in
  • Endurance training for running and cycling
  • Competition in Marathons, Triathlons and cycling Criteria         
  • Youth football, especially during preseason training        
  • Hiking
  • Sightseeing, especially on vacation in different climates
  • Golfing
  • Gardening
Personal dehydration monitors also keep you productive and comfortable at work.  They are often used in
  • Roofing and construction
  • Commercial laundries and bakeries
  • Mining and refining
  • Landscaping and crop harvesting
Dehydration affects everyone regardless of age or fitness level.  It cannot be prevented by conditioning or acclimatization.  Dehydration reduces your performance in many ways. Even minimal levels reduce attentiveness, concentration and coordination resulting in loss of your competitive edge, falls and accidents.  Increasing levels cause fatigue, overheating and muscle cramping that make you slow down, rest or even stop your activity.  At advanced levels it leads to physical collapse requiring immediate medical intervention to avoid permanent injury or death.

Personal dehydration monitors make it simple to prevent dehydration and its negative consequences.  They have integrated sensors that measure the temperature and humidity of your personal microclimate.  These monitors combine your microclimate measurements with your body measurements and your activity level to determine your personal water replacement requirements.  They also calculate the Heat Index and Heat Warning Level so you can fine tune your work or exercise effort.  At work or at play personal dehydration monitors keep your activities safe, productive and enjoyable.
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